Reflex systems

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reflex® Proportional Injection Systems

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Reflex Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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The reflex® panels are engineered to interface with existing VRI controllers that have a fertigation prescription output. Setting up the reflex® panel to work properly with virtually any type of irrigation system is simple. Voice alarm systems are an essential component for providing public safety.

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Reflex WMS is natively multi-site and multi-customer and optimizes each logistics process: receipts and shipments, order picking, stock management and inventories, transport and deliveries, quality control and returns management, etc. Reflex Equip holds a unique position in the Australian market having over many years built strong relationships with major manufacturers and suppliers to provide a comprehensive range of materials handling, lifting and storage equipment including, trolleys, handtrucks, plastic bins, wheels and castors, plastic drums, ladders and workbenches.

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