Moghancement desynthesis

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Moghancement: Desynthesis

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Join the world's largest MMO gaming network. Sign up now! Connect Moghancement desynthesis ZAM. © ZAM Network LLC. In some cases, Moghancement: Desynthesis is not just "recommended", but mandatory: a desynthesis that gives you NO successes after 8 tries, can suddenly change into a 4/8 success.

Also, unlike normal crafting, the chances of getting a High Quality result from Desynthesis is greatly increased, meaning that crafters can get a HQ1, 2, or even 3.

Description: Moogle-powered assistance from your Mog House. Increases the chance of success when attempting desynthesis. Slot: Key Item Type: Moghancement Jobs: All Races: All Auction House Category: Not Auction House Sellable. You will receive the Moghancement: Desynthesis.

Lastly, multiple furnishings with the same Moghancement do not allow you to trump a single furnishing with a higher aura of the same element. Example: Say you have a Vana'clock (element with 16 Aura), an Alchemists' Stall (element with 11 Aura), and 3x Console (element with 6 Aura, totalling 18).

hello all, its me aznpride from leviathan server. great post on furnitures, i learned alot ^^ i am a lvl 45 chemist, i get some of my income desynthing goblin/moblin mask and tonberry lanterns. according to your post, book holders gives the Moghancement: desynthesis. now my question is, is one book holder enough?

or the more book holder i put on my moghouse the better chance i get for. May 15,  · I believe so--as long as Drogaroga's Fang is the highest among all darkness affinity furniture. It ought to be much easier for you to do this than, say, trying to achieve Moghancement: Desynthesis like I did, hahaha.

Moghancement desynthesis
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