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It is simple to use and the problems and notes for each argument for each subsequent are endless. I found it very tortuous as it than H1 guides which have helped me discover H1 grade!. Explore all of our premium subject content across the Junior cert for an entire year.

This includes the subject notes with quizzes, A-grade past exam answers, expert study advice and easy access to exam papers for each subject.

Macbeth’s soliloquies

I’m not entirely sure I know what you mean. Literary genre refers to the genre (play, film, novel respectively in the case you mentioned) but also to the techniques the writer/director uses to tell the story.

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Get straight As in your Junior Cert with Mind Maps - Tried weekly grinds to get ahead of the pack or simply to keep up? Are you a junkie for revision books. Note: Please check out new points calculator.

For the junior cert, we can get an A, B, C, D, E, F, NG. Anything from A-D is a pass, anything below is a fail. A = %.

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Policies on Maintaining your CWEA Certification In order to maintain your CWEA certification, you must pay an annual renewal fee and submit contact hours (continuing education) every two years. Ecology – Junior Cert Science Science • 1 min read • Post rating: /5 Ecology is the study of the relationships of living things with one another and their environment.

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