Hudson yards project

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10 Hudson Yards

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What is the EIS confusion.

The Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards

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10 Hudson Yards. This Kohn Pedersen Fox-designed skyscraper was the first building to open within Hudson Yards, after construction began in The area that's being turned into Hudson Yards used to be a hole in the city, Sheely says, because the rail yard precluded any building on top of it.

Aug 31,  · Hudson Yards, the area on the far west side of Manhattan between 30th and 43rd streets, is the site of the largest contemporary real estate development project in the United States, a.

Hudson Tunnel Project. The Project is intended to preserve the current functionality of the Northeast Corridor’s (NEC) Hudson River rail crossing between New Jersey and New York and strengthen the resilience of the NEC.

Above and Beyond

The EIS is being prepared pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act of (NEPA). As appropriate, FRA and NJ TRANSIT will coordinate with Amtrak and the Port. Hudson Yards’s construction timeline could jeopardize Gateway Tunnel project The futures of Hudson Yards and the Gateway Project are intertwined—here's how.

By Tanay Warerkar September 6. A part of Phase 1 of the Hudson Yards project, construction on The Shed began in mid and is scheduled to be completed in The venue will serve as the new home of several high profile.

Hudson yards project
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Thomas Heatherwick's Hudson Yards centerpiece "Vessel" tops out -