Child study coursework visit 3

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Early Childhood and Childhood Education Minor

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Coursework offered in the following departments or programs. Child and Family Development (CFD) Child Life Studies (CLS) Communication (COM) Advanced inquiry into specialized areas of study in Child and Family Development.

May be repeated to a total of 6 hours when topics change. Social and Behavioral Sciences top. The social and behavioral sciences live at the intersection of science and the study of what makes us human. At Ohio State, you will learn from pioneers who successfully blend the two as innovative scholarly approaches.

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This page contains information related to our GCSE Home Economics Child Development specification available in England and Wales. Visit OER Website.

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Be an advocate for children while having an impact on their future development. When earning your child development degree you will have the opportunity to focus on the biological and psychological progression of children, from their infancy stages through their adolescent years.

Some programs may require minimal face-to-face coursework. See Department page or consult with an advisor for details. * Tuition for post-graduate courses can vary, see department page for details.

Child study coursework visit 3
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Child and Youth Studies (B.S.)